At Pure Salt our main value is people, and we hold having the right mindset and initiative in high regard.

“We are all united by a dedication to serve our guests and also by our will to enjoy what we do”

Begoña Amengual, General manager and head of HR

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Food and drink

The best service and the best value for money. That is how we make a difference at Pure Salt.

Pure Salt Garonda


A guest’s first impression must always be spotless by providing the absolute best attention.

Pure Salt Garonda


To rest the way they deserve, our guests need a pleasant atmosphere. That is what we aim to accomplish with every one of our rooms.

If you think you are proactive and self-motivated, if you believe you have a positive and honest attitude, great presence and you enjoy teamwork, send us your CV to join our team at Pure Salt Luxury Hotels.

Spontaneous applications

Currently available opportunities

“If you are interested and motivated, the company will give you every possible opportunity to make sure you go far”

Professional career

“The hotel and the company have always believed in me and supported me”


“If you are interested and motivated, the company will give you every possible opportunity to make sure you go far”

Pure Salt Garonda

Heribert Rubiano

“I still fondly remember the first time I walked into Pure Salt Port Adriano for my interview with Fajín. I was 21 years old, fresh out of school and without much experience in 5-star hotels. But 5 minutes were enough to pique my curiosity. Since then, my career has advanced in leaps and bounds: from reception assistant to receptionist to second head receptionist. Four years ago, I became the B2B Commercial Manager of the sales department. I learned along every step of the way, but with enough hard work every challenge can turn into motivation. If you like what you do and have corporate support, you can always aspire to grow professionally.”

Pure Salt Garonda

Lidia Pozo

“Pure Salt Luxury Hotels are helping me grow as a professional not only thanks to their internal organisation, which encourages teamwork and cooperation, but also with help and support.

In 2017, they gave me the chance to broaden my professional training by paying for a mixology course in a world-famous school in London, and by offering me temporary experience in another of the group’s properties to diversity my abilities. This fantastic opportunity has really paid off: the hotel took a chance on me and my training. They believed in my talent and nurtured it.”